Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Schedules, Updates, Random Thoughts

Well, here it is 2019 and I have really neglected blogging.   I’m not sure why.   I enjoy it.   I think about doing it, I just don’t seem to do it.   I hear excuses from people all of the time about exercising.  They tell me “I think about it, I just don’t seem to do it”.   Being discipline at exercising is easy for me.  Actually being disciplined at things USUALLY comes easy for me.  If I write it down, I will usually do it.  I like to schedule my days.   I guess once a week or so I need to schedule in writing in my blog!  Why didn’t I think of that before? LOL

A lot has happened.  In November, Dan and I took a cruise with my Dad.   It was wonderful, but we came home in the middle of the Thanksgiving snow blizzard.  Welcome back to Ilinois!  We had a great Christmas, up until Christmas Day.  I woke up really sick.  I ended up with Influenza A and I was sicker with that than I ever was from chemo.  I was flat on my back for 10 days with a high fever.  DO.NOT.RECOMMEND! 

I’m teaching fitness classes again at the gym.  It feels good to get that part of my life back.  It was always such a big part of my life.  While I was undergoing treatment, I kept all of my certifications up.  I didn’t know if I would ever go back to teaching again, but I wanted that option.   I love to workout and I love to motivate other people to workout.  I want to make it FUN!

Ryleigh and Keighley are thriving.  They are very active at school, Ryleigh does cheerleading and Keighley is in student council.  Both girls are good students and have  grown into wonderful little ladies.  They are both playing softball and are very good at it, if I can brag for a bit!  Ryleigh is a really good pitcher and it will be fun to watch her develop her skill even more in high school.
Kyla turned 2 and is a toddler, not a baby.  Although, I caught myself last week saying that I wanted to see “the baby”.   It is fun to watch her learn new things and to hear her say she wants to go to “my grandma’s house!”   Two days ago, Kyla became a big sister.   Luca Lynn Arnold joined our family and we are already in love with her!  It’s hard to believe our little Steff had a 9 pound, 4 ounce baby.  She’s precious and very sweet.

Here I sit, February 20th.  The night before my birthday.  Maybe that is why I am feeling reflective tonight.  I don’t know.   I also have my scans tomorrow.  I get scans twice per year, to check for cancer.   I am a little more than 2.5 years post treatment.  I will get checked twice per year for 5 years.  My type of cancer has a higher recidivism rate for 5 years.  After that, it goes down to lower than the general population.   In the past, I have been full of anxiety pre-test.  I’m not feeling any anxiety tonight.  I feel peaceful.  I feel happy.   I feel healthy.  I feel blessed.