Sunday, October 29, 2017

I'm Still Here!

It was brought to my attention that I have not updated my blog in a while.   Okay, a very LONG while!  I've done updates on social media, just not on my blog. 

In August, I had my scans and bloodwork marked my first year as a breast cancer survivor!  I certainly prefer the "title" of survivor to that of patient.  Some days it seems like it was years ago that I went through treatment, other days it seems like only yesterday.  I am truly thankful and feel very blessed.  The past year has brought many great things.  In October of 2016 our granddaughter Kyla was born.  I will always look at her as a special blessing, because Stephanie took her first pregnancy test the day of my mastectomy.  It was too early to tell then, but she was pregnant!  She had an uneventful pregnancy and delivery.  My two older granddaughters, Ryleigh (12) and Keighley (11) are thriving and are both attending Ingersoll Middle School/Junior High this year.  They are both playing softball and Ryleigh is doing 7th grade cheerleading.  They are making excellent grades and are a delight to be around.  We see them often.  They are usually over on Thursday's for supper and they spent a good chunk of every other weekend with us.  I like to have "internet free family time with them".  Once you turn off the Wi-Fi, they really enjoy playing games, walking the dogs, helping me cook and watching movies.  On Friday night, we watched Rudy with them and they really enjoyed it.

Towards the end of summer, I contracted a bad case of poison ivy.  I thought I was being very careful, but there was some of the oil on the dog's harnesses and it got on my skin.  Just as it was healing up, an area of it abscessed and it required surgery!  Who does that???   Me!   LOL  That all healed up and I actually got back into exercising again, even going to the gym early in the morning.  About a week and a half into this schedule, and Ms. Grace herself face-planted onto the concrete.  I am fortunate that I did not break my nose or knock out my teeth.  I busted open my lip and scraped the skin off between my mouth and nose.  I also had a black eye and a bruise on my left cheek.  It's healing up, but I still look a bit scary.  With it being Halloween, I should just make some sort of costume out of it!

Our son Ryan and his wife Kara have opened up a bar in town.  The have called it "Watty's, after Nathan.  Ryan has a picture wall in their called "Wattys' Wall" and it is pictures of Nathan. He opened it in October, hosting the annual memorial in Nathan's memory there.  It's very nice and we are very proud of him.

Steff, Austin & Kyla moved into a beautiful home in a subdivision that is out of town.  It will be a wonderful place to raise their family.  It has a swimming pool that will provide years of enjoyment for them.....and us!  LOL

My Dad is doing wonderful.  He and his dog Pal keep each other company.   Pal is a diabetic, but Dad keeps it pretty under control.  We are all hoping that my brother, Peter, will be able to visit from Germany in 2018.

We took a cruise to Hawaii in April 2017 to celebrate my victory over cancer.  It was PERFECT!  We flew to San Francisco and sailed to Hawaii and back to San Francisco.  It took 15 days.  We traveled with my best friend/sister Deb and her husband Rob, Dan's sister Susan and her husband Ron and Deb's friend from the Netherlands, Josie.  We made wonderful memories! 

I'm all about making memories!