Wednesday, November 25, 2015


As Thanksgiving rolls around once again, I have to say I have many things to be thankful for.  I am celebrating Thanksgiving in an entirely different manner this year.

Usually, I go to a family gathering with approximately 40 relatives, many of them children.  It seems like somebody is always coming down with something or just getting over something.  It is just the nature of the beast when you get that many people together.   So, this year we are staying home.  My treatments are going so well, and I don't want to expose myself to anything that could make me miss a treatment.   I will miss my family, but I also know that I will have many, many Thanksgivings in my future to celebrate with them!

I'm thankful that my father is alive and will spend the day with me.  Two years ago I almost lost him.  The journey he has had to recuperate himself and get himself HOME, after spending 8 months between the hospital and nursing home, is very inspiring.  He is a fighter, and I think I have inherited that from him! 

On Friday I am usually one of those crazy people braving the crowds at 4am looking for a bargain.   This year, I will not be partaking.   Normally, I take my chemo treatments on Thursdays, but Illinois Cancer Care is closed this Thursday.   So, my chemo treatment has been rescheduled to Friday.   My best friend, who is more like a sister to me than a friend, is coming over Thursday night to spend the night and then she is taking me to chemo on Friday.   I am SO thankful that treatment is available to me and that I have great insurance that is allowing me to receive it.

It might seem odd, but I actually look forward to going for chemo.  First off, if you know anyone who needs to go through chemotherapy, suggest that they get a port.  I hate needles and I would be a blubbering idiot if they had to poke me every time to take blood and administer the treatment.   The port makes it easy.   Everyone at the Cancer Center is super friendly and I always find someone interesting to talk to.    I feel like I am really doing something to fight this when I go.  It is like a great kickboxing workout and cancer is my victim!

I have also been blessed with great friends and family to go with me.  I even had a friend drive down from Minnesota, spend the night in a motel, and come pick me up to take me to chemo!  How amazing is that!  I've had several other friends and relatives, including my Dad, take me, and I so appreciate it!

So, yes, I am going into this Thanksgiving season with a full heart and I am very thankful for the blessings (and I have many) that I have!