Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Perfect EASY way to fold a fitted sheet!!

The curse of almost everyone's linen closet is the dreaded fitted sheet.   How to fold them neatly?   Sure, there are several Youtube videos out there, with rather difficult instructions on folding the sheet.   To quote the infamous Sweet Brown, "ain't noone got TIME for that!".   

I have found a solution that works perfectly for me and my linen closet is ready for inspection!   The best part, I am willing to share what I do!  Okay, okay, I haven't cured the common cold or discovered life on another planet, but come on!   A neat linen closet is pretty important, right?

I take my whole set of sheets.   I pick up one pillow case and open it up.  I roll up the fitted sheet and put it in the pillow case.   I then put the flat sheet in the pillow case.  Next, I put the other pillow case in the pillow case.   I then take the pillow case and put it in the linen closet.  On my shelf, I have 3 sets of sheets, all neatly ensconced inside their respective pillow cases.   When it is time to change the sheets, I just grab the one pillow case and I have everything that I need.   No more rummaging around looking for the correct pillow case and having other people wreck havoc in my linen closet.   It's the little things, sometimes, that can make you smile.  

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