Friday, August 7, 2015

Get Organized with Labels, labels, labels!

I admit it.   I have a label maker, and when I pull it out, my pulse races slightly.  I love to make labels.  I label many things in my house.  I've had people ask me why I label something that is very obvious (like in my bathroom closet.  I have labeled Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Wash Cloths).   Those labels aren't for ME.   I know where everything goes.  It is for everyone else who puts their little paws in my closet.  I don't want them putting things back in the wrong place.  It's amazing how this works.   You put a label somewhere, and people put the item back in the same place.   Without it, they just put it anywhere.  I've labeled storage bins in the same closet, mainly so that people don't rummage through every container looking for something, getting everything all mixed up.   Seriously, this works!   Give it a try!

I also found these wonder labels on Amazon called Label Once.   They are of various sizes and you put them on your containers that you put in the fridge.   You can write on them what is in it and the date.   Example:   Chicken Breast, Friday 8/7    Then, people aren't opening it to see what is in it.  Also, you know how long an item has been in there and if it is safe to eat.  When the container is empty, you wash it (it does go in the dishwasher) and you just wipe off the writing on the label and use it again.   Easy Peasy.   I love these things!

Seriously, labels do make the world a better place!

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